Working with Trauma – Regression

Healing Past Events and Communication with the Sub-Conscious Mind

Learn with Regression and Inner Child

This 1 day training element will allow you to travel back in time via effective use of Regression Techniques to allow direct communication with the sub-conscious mind to promote dialogue and healing.

Learn how to regress clients safely and learn how to heal using gestalt and inner child work

In addition also learning how to safely use Regression to uncover patterns that have been adopted in this life time.

Locations and Dates

Saturday 6th October

In this training course you will learn how trauma is set up by the Unconscious mind and how to effectively remove the emotional attachment to it using two Techniques – EMDR & VK Rewind
You will learn how to remove the trauma that causes physical and emotional disruption. There will be discussions, demonstrations of the techniques and lots of practice.

Location: Southampton

Status: Places available

Fee: £100.00 per person