EFT-Group1Matrix Re-Imprinting Day Training

I found the Matrix Re-imprinting course with Jacqui Maclean to be very worthwhile.

Jacqui’s training style makes it easy to understand the concept and has a good mix of theory together with practical application.  She is very professional and gives constructive feedback, helping you to feel confident with using these techniques.  The handouts Jacqui provides are very comprehensive and useful.  The venue was very suitable, with a large room offering plenty of room to practice the techniques and good parking available nearby.

I run my own hypnotherapy practice and consider both EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting as very useful additional skills to have to use with my clients.

I hope that the Hypnotherapy Society include Matrix Re-imprinting in their training schedule as I think a great many therapists would find it helpful.

Mel Pearce Dip Hyp CS, Ad.Dip PC.

My experience of training with Jacqui Maclean on her Matrix Re-imprinting course was nothing short of inspiring.

I was met with a warm welcome in comfortable surroundings and felt I had walked into the perfect learning environment instantly.

Jacqui’s knowledge and passion for this technique was felt by everyone on the course and this made the learning experience interesting and exciting. She took time to explain and demonstrate each aspect including teaching us about the incredibly interesting background of matrix re-imprinting and how quantum physics plays a big part as well as all the benefits.

With extensive training as a therapist in other techniques and therapies Jacqui’s approach felt very safe for the client and clear to the therapist.

She encouraged questioning through out and demonstrated and deep understand and incredible skill with Matrix Re-imprinting.

She was highly attentive and involved in all the practical work we did and positively encouraged each therapist whilst allowing room for experiential learning, over seeing throughout.

Since completing the training I use Matrix Re-imprinting with most of my clients. It’s fast safe effect results fit perfectly with Hypnotherapy, Eft and counselling and feel that it is an invaluable part of my therapeutic practice now.

Jacqui’s training left me feeling fully confident, knowledgeable and passionate about using this incredibly effective technique straight after completing the training, she makes learning interesting fun and logical, and is really an exceptional teacher in this field.

Donna Van Vuuren. Dip Hyp CS

The Matrix Reimprinting day was very insightful and interesting.

The course was well structured in that there was a good balance of theory and practical. The group was also small so that we all got one-to-one help with Jacqui and were help to pair up to practise the technique.

Jacqui is a very knowledgeable tutor, presenting course work through power point, handouts and personal experience. She is also very intuitive and empathic. Her courses are fun, relaxed and inspiring. You always come away feeling inspired to put into practice what you have learnt. But there is also emphasis on growing as a person to become a better practitioner and this is achieved by her creating a feeling of safety within the group.

Dr Andrea Haas Dip Hyp CS

Overall fantastic training with a fantastic tutor!

The Matrix Re-imprinting training I attended was provided at a welcoming and comfortable venue with friendly staff.  The training started with giving students an understanding of the historical and theoretical aspects behind this technique. This was very interesting and gave a good foundation of understanding to start from.

Following this we were given a demonstration of the first part of the Matrix technique by Jacqui with a fellow student. We took notes and discussed the technique. This was invaluable as a learning tool. It was good that the technique was split into parts so that we could gain some mastery in the first part before moving on.

We were then encouraged and supported to practice the technique with other students. This was great for practicing the technique in a supported atmosphere and good for building confidence. Jacqui was available throughout to give guidance and help out anywhere where needed.

After lunch we were shown the demonstration of the second half of the Matrix technique. This was very interesting and lots of good learning took place. We were all then able to go and practice this with a different student. Everybody was able to build on their confidence and discuss any sticking points in the technique, successes and interesting learning during the technique. The sharing and learning was fantastic. We all learnt a lot from each other, and with Jacqui’s wealth of experience in therapy and her great teaching, we were able move on further with our learning.

I think everyone left the training with a wonderful experience and having gained so much practical knowledge of the technique.

The only thing that I personally would like, is maybe video clip demos of the technique perhaps taken during that day of training or clips provided. This could be available for students who have taken the training. That would provide students with the chance to watch Jacqui carry out the technique again, in their own time and revisit any parts they are unsure of or could learn something else from it. That would be fabulous.

Overall fantastic training with a fantastic tutor!

 Best wishes,  Helen Taylor Dip Hyp CS

Patterns of Behaviour – Habits Day Training

I found the day extremely useful and informative, especially the basic needs wheel model. Will definitely be using these techniques on Monday with clients! Caroline A

What an amazing day, the interaction with the group was great and everyone participated, the tutor preparation and training was well delivered and evenly paced making learning easy. Plenty of time for questions and feedback instilling an overall confidence in my ability to deliver this to my private practice. Thank you,  Andrew L

Best training I have attended and wished I could have done my Chrysalis Training with Jacqui Maclean. Great day full of experiential and practical elements. Kim M

Thank you for an excellent day of training, I have really enjoyed today and have learned a lot. I shall be using these tools next week and look forward to seeing great results! Hope to meet you again for more training. Karen J