Supervision for EFT – Accredited Supervisor with AAMET

EFT Supervision is a must for you to consolidate your skills, bolting on additional techniques which will enable you to complete a process to become AAMET Accredited.

You must complete 6 hours of supervision normally two sessions each one lasting 3 hours and would then need to submit 3 basic case studies and one on yourself and complete an online Q&A session. Once qualified you can opt to be added to the AAMET website as a qualified practitioner and gain access to a host of resources. The would include Supervision Training Days, The Annual EFT Conference which runs over 3 days and has a number of renoun figures in the EFT and Energy Fields of research. See this page>

Supervision for Hypnotherapy – Accredited Supervisor with THS

Regular Supervision and mentoring days also available, these run for 3 hours per session with a maximum of 8 Therapists ensuring focus and support available throughout. Find out more>