Learn EMDR and VK Techniques

How and When to Apply Them

This process enables the disassociation of the events, which have become locked into the sub-conscious as traumatic. It allows events to be re-filed into the parts of the brain dealing with long term memory whilst removing the emotional flags that keep the events ‘alive’.

Learn how to use EMDR (Eye Movement De-sensitisation Rewind) Technique and The VK (Visual Kinaesthetic Rewind) Technique.

No Hypnotherapist should be without these tools. This one day training will allow you to remove large trauma events and phobias using a fast cure rewind technique and EMDR in a safe way. It is always important to train in these skills as if they are applied without understanding the impact it could cause more issues than the client presented with

Learn when you should use these techniques and when not to and why.