The Essential Tool Kit for Therapists

As Therapists you may have many of the basics for Hypnotherapy but now comes the real work.

‘How do we add advanced tools and skills to build confidence in our practice’?  Moving away from Scripts and having real techniques and tools that can be applied when appropriate.

This Modular training kit allows for all types of techniques and tools  to enhance your practice and build on your confidence, as you start out in building and enhancing a successful practice.

Module 1: 1 Day – Habits and How to Break them

Working with the Human Givens Wheel directly with Clients

Learning how to apply this to habits and other embedded behaviours. Learning to use new techniques such as The Tipping Point and The Scamble Technique.

Module 2: 1 Day – Healing Past Events & Communication with the Sub-conscious Mind.

This 1 day training element will allow you to travel back in time via effective use of Regression techniques to allow direct communication with the sub-conscious mind to promote dialogue and healing. In addition also learning how to safely use Regression to uncover patterns that have been adopted in this life time.

Module 3: 1 Day – Learn EMDR and VK Techniques – How and When to Apply Them

This process enables the disassociation of the events, which have become locked into the sub-conscious as traumatic. It allows events to be re-filed into the parts of the brain dealing with long term memory whilst removing the emotional flags that keep the events ‘alive’. Learn how to use EMDR (eye movement desensitisation rewind) technique) and The VK (visual kinaesthetic Rewind) technique.  Learn when you should use these techniques and when not to and why.


Facilitator Ally Oliver First Freedom Expressions
Working with Creative Art as Therapy. Facilitator Ally Oliver: First Freedom Expressions

Module 4: 2 Days – Working with Creative Art as Therapy

Using a variety of tools and techniques to uncover unconscious processes in a creative way to bypass resistance using art as the communicator and healer.

It allows the externalisation of the internal trauma to be unlocked and cleared. This is ideal when working with clients who cannot image or who are unable to go into trance.


first-freedomWorking with Creative Artist & Creative Art Facilitator:
Ally Oliver


Working with Children. Facilitator Gilly Wells
Working with Children. Facilitator: Gilly Downthwaite-Wells

Module 5: 2 Days Working with children 

How to work effectively and creatively with children using a variety of mediums including pictures, imagery, scripts and stories to uncover hidden anxieties, phobias, stress, self esteem and confidence building.

Utilising scripts designed for children, play and stories to uncover and heal traumatic events and create a positive framework for their future growth and well being.

sunflower-logoWorking with Children Facilitator:
Gilly Dowthwaite-Wells


Module 6: 2 Days – Releasing Trauma from the Body using EFT  

You have by now learnt how to work out a treatment plan for your client based on their basic needs, how to release trauma from their emotional mind. Now its time to learn the intrinsic link between mind and body and to fully understand how the body still continues to hold the trauma in its responses to further events and situations. Using EFT combined with your existing therapies can assist to quickly and effectively release this, tears often follow as the trauma is released and the body goes into healing mode.

It is a very gentle yet powerful tool to support healing and promote health and retrain the body to be calm and relaxed.  2 Days will be spent learning  the basic EFT techniques that can be used in a clinical environment, as a standalone therapy for Clients or as part  of an overall session .

If you wish to become an EFT Practitioner a further 2 day Level 2 course can be added to  give you a Certification as an EFT Practitioner, and forms the gateway to becoming accredited with AAMET (The Association for the Advancement of  Meridian and Energy Techniques).