EFT Accredited Courses

EFT Level 1&2 AAMET Accredited

aamet logoThese intense training courses are designed with qualified Therapists in mind. They are fully backed by AAMET (The Association of the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques) and follow a strict syllabus and outline of core compentencies clearly outlines and achieved at both Level1 & Level2 training days.

The training will provide you with AAMET Certification to practice and will lead to final accreditation, as an EFT Practitioner under the guidance and support of AAMET.

On day 1 there will be a balance of Education, learning from demonstrations combined with plenty of practice. You will be given a basic introduction to EFT and will be able to use these techniques on yourself, family and friends. Day 2 & 3 will allow for consolidation of learning and will cover Client Relationships, an in-depth knowledge of theory and background including working with groups.

You will be able to confidently work to uncover core beliefs that result in repeated disruptive emotional patterns. Identify when and how Clients run resistance, sabotage and hidden agendas, and look for powerful cognitive shifts in perspective.

You will feel confident in combining these powerful energy tools with other therapies easily and effectively, and will be able to stay ahead of other Hypnotherapists who have yet to discover the power of Energy Therapies.

New course dates will be announced shortly