Awareness of Your Light Within

Retreats will not be needed after attending this workshop
To step into your life and enjoy everything life has to offer!

During this weekend you will discover your true potential for change and transformation.

  • You will feel empowered to take the steps forward for you to be happy, to create a life of joy, love and abundance.
  • You will release any blocks that have stopped you having the life you want and deserve!
  • You will have powerful resources to help you get to where you want to be or even get clear on what you want.

Guest Speakers (details below) include:

  • Breathe Work
  • Creative Coaching you into alignment
  • Good Health Readings
  • Channelling
  • Nutrition

Join us for Magic, fun, awareness and enlightenment of your path.

Become invisible, unstoppable and a force of power in your life.

Unleash your true potential and create the life you want! not the one you have settled for.

Guest Speakers

Carolyn Hextall: The Coaching Creative

As C.S. Lewis wisely penned, ‘You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending’.

And we all want change in some form – to be more successful at work, to have better relationships or to feel more fulfilled. But even if we have clear goals, and become motivated to make changes, we often fall at the first hurdle. Why is that? The key to making long lasting change is to start with mindset. What do we really think about ourselves? If we change the way we see ourselves we show up differently. People respond to us in different ways. We get different results.

As a classically trained musician and educator, Carolyn Hextall has over 20 years’ experience performance coaching and inspiring people to achieve their potential. More recently, whilst applauding the educational ethos which encourages children to be the best version of themselves, Carolyn began to question where the cheerleaders are for adults. ‘Good teachers encourage children to question, to reflect and grow. As adults, however, we often trudge the same worn path, desperate for change. But imagine what we could achieve if we allowed ourselves to question, to explore our purpose, and then made small steps towards our goals?’ Having completed a Diploma in Transformational Coaching with Animas, Carolyn launched ‘The Coaching Creative’, encouraging clients to use creative techniques to move their story forwards. Enriched by the range and breadth of her professional experience, working with Carolyn will be fun, challenging and energising. She currently sees clients for one-to-one sessions in person, via Skype or phone.

So, in response to C.S. Lewis’s quote, how will your next chapter unfold?


Dena Robertson

Hello I am Dena Robertson and I am an experienced Acupuncturist, Bioresonance Therapist and creator of the Health Transformation Programme, “Live Life, Feeling Well”. I live in a beautiful part of England near the River Thames with my husband and our collie, Chelsea.

The Bioresonance Machine and its capabilities
As everything has its own energetic frequency, or signature, the body will react to any signature that causes stress or weakness (as in Kinesiology). Bioenergetic testing allows you to make use of this concept to ask the body a question that the conscious mind may not know the answer to ( eg is this apple good for me?) and to obtain an immediate response from the body. The software contains a digitally encoded version of this energetic signature for a wide range of items, from vitamins to pathogens, meaning that you no longer need the physical substance itself in order to test the body against it.

This machine provides a snapshot of your physical, emotional and mental health giving you a picture of any energetic imbalances and any potential health problems, and also the remedy to redress these issues.

Location and Dates

Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th October 2019

Venue: The Avenue Lawn Tennis Club, Emsworth, West Sussex

Status: Places Available



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