Advanced Training Days

These training courses are designed for Therapists who wish to increase their portfolio and skill base. Courses that are run with the HS, NCS and THA will result in gaining CPD certification of attendance.

Courses are either Advanced training days or Workshops with accredited facilitators.

Matrix Reimprinting CPD

Once you have completed EFT Training and wish to bolt on additional training to further these techniques Matrix is definitely the next step. It helps to establish good safe boundaries for working. It enhances the experience of finding past events that are impacting in current day life situations and reduces the need for long inductions and many regression therapy sessions.

Therapists ensuring focus and support available throughout. For further information please contact Jacqui

Working with Trauma

Learn How to Work with Regression

Healing Past Events and Communication with the Sub-Conscious Mind

This 1 day training element will allow you to travel back in time via effective use of Regression Techniques to allow direct communication with the sub-conscious mind to promote dialogue and healing. In addition also learning how to safely use Regression to uncover patterns that have been adopted in this life time.

Learn EMDR and VK Techniques

How and When to Apply Them

This process enables the disassociation of the events, which have become locked into the sub-conscious as traumatic. It allows events to be re-filed into the parts of the brain dealing with long term memory whilst removing the emotional flags that keep the events ‘alive’. Learn how to use EMDR (Eye Movement De-sensitisation Rewind) Technique and The VK (Visual Kinaesthetic Rewind) Technique. Learn when you should use these techniques and when not to and why.